Mountain Slayers has existed formally from January 2014 and legally existed since January 2015. With the formalization of mountain slayers the numbers have grown from an initial number ranging between 10-15 hikers to over 200 within this duration of less than two years. Hiking is growing in popularity among the working class in Kenya due to an increase in sense of adventure and desire to explore and ‘Tembea Kenya’

Mountain Slayers gives the young and upwardly mobile individuals the opportunity to do this every month through the hikes that see the members head out to different destinations within Kenya and the broader East African region.


“One step at a time”
It simply is all about taking the first step and being patient with yourself to keep moving forward.


  • Integrity – Being authentic, honest and morally upright as an individual
  • Respect – Of yourself and the team
  • Commitment – To yourself, the team and the process
  • Non-judgmental – Accepting of each other as unique individuals

BIG Mountain

A big mountain is one that is done over a number of days and requires proper hiking equipment; hiking boots, day pack, hydration packs, sleeping bags, duffel bags, waterproof clothes, thermal wear, snow goggles not to forget the preparation, medical insurance and travel expenses. To date we have climbed Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro (which are now part of the yearly hikes: these are mountains that committed hikers will want to slay at least once in their life)

The Mountain Slayers have an active Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter and Whatsapp group where hiking stories and pictures are posted and is a forum for the hikers to keep in touch until the next hike.

Due to the increased demand by beginner adventure seekers we launched a beginners hike in 2016 for those who want to explore the outdoors but have not yet built up the physical strength, endurance and stamina to do so. The calendar will also be monthly but will feature less intense activities.

Most Valuable Hiker (MVH)

Most Valuable Hiker (MVH) award on a monthly basis; where we reward one or two hikers who have displayed outstanding ability in an area important to hiking (the areas to be recognized are selected by the hikers at the beginning of the year and randomly selected each month)

This MVH award is meant to encourage the hikers and also challenge them to always bring their ‘A’ game to the hikes. Social Responsibility- Each year we pick an area that is of importance and give back a percentage of hike proceeds to beneficiaries within the locations in which we hike.

Social Responsibility

As Mountain Slayers we are intentional in our relationship with others. We purposefully interact with numerous communities in which we hike with the intent in leaving a positive Mountain slayer footprint. To this end, a percentage of the fees charged for the hikes go towards a worthy cause in some of the communities in which we hike.